Big experience,
small firm.

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Combining true partner service with top-flight expertise, we deliver the best of both large and small law firms.

Our transparent fee structures offer a real alternative for business people who expect a law firm to work like they do.

Our straight talking, practical and intuitive lawyers are our strength.

They take the time to understand their clients, their business and their property so that we always deliver our support with full visibility of the commercial context.

Wherever possible, we will commit to fixed priced costs based on realistic scoping of the work we undertake.

Our areas
of expertise

We know what we are good at – transactions. So that is what we focus on.
Areas of Expertise

We specialise in two key areas: corporate and property transactions.

With roots firmly placed in the East Midlands, the individual members of our team combine their considerable experience, connections, local knowledge and reputations to provide our clients with unparalleled support wherever and whenever they need it.

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